Ibbenbüren: Volkstanzgruppe der KAB Laggenbeck

The folk dance group of the KAB (Catholic Workers Movement) Laggenbeck was founded in 1932 for the purpose of the native folk dance costums and traditions and is now 350 members in children´s groups, active groups and passive section, the good does youth and costumes work. A hearty folk dance band supported the dancers in their performances.

The group bears the Tecklenburger peasant costume, as she has been born over 200 years ago by the country´s population of Tecklenburg. She dances mainly the old Westfalian dances, like "Gemütlichkeit, Wask use Jenne, Kreuzpolka, Töddenschottisch, Bohnenpott, Windmöller und Bunten Walzer" to name just a few dances to call. The group regularly participates in local history and heritage events in the near and far.

Participating in the "Green Week Berlin" or some other TV appearances, etc. are among the highlights of the association´s work.

With many national and international partner groups, a lively exchange is maintained. For example, the group already in international youth exchanges in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, France, Austria, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, USA, Slovakia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey participated.

Every five years, invites the group since 1962, various groups of all nationalities to an international youth meeting week after Laggenbeck. These weeks have a national significance and will be commented according to radio and televison.



VTG-Bergmannsgruppe 2007


More information: www.vtg-laggenbeck.de and www.begegnungswoche.com