Bräunlingen: Heimat- und Trachtenbund Bräunlingen e.V.

The Heimat- und Trachtenbund Bräunlingen e.V. is one of the cultural pillars of Bräunlingen (Black forrest, in south of germany) and we have been participating in many national and international folkloristic festivals for many decades.

The association is the organizer of the "international Bräunlinger Kilbig", our autumn and harvest festival which is always celebrated at the third weekend in October. In this capacity as organizer of the "Kilbig" we have been a member of the "CIOFF®". Our group has about 65 active adult and 35 children members.

Our organization cultivates and maintains the "Festtagstracht der Baar" and cultivates the traditions of the eastern side of the Black Forest and the "Baar" with songs (we have a mixed choir), folk dances, music, little stories in our dialect and the "Glockenspiel" (we make music with little cow bells).

Since 1982, we have had many German and international guests at our "international Bräunlinger Kilbig" every year.
These international groups come from Bolivia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Senegal, Italia, Poland, Estonia, Norway, Scotland, Slovakai and South Korea.

Besides about 40 performances in our town and region every year, our group makes about 3 or 4 trips to national or international folkloristic festivals.

1998 was a year of highlights for of the Heimat- und Trachtenbund Bräunlingen. The group was able to celebrate its 75th anniversary in October during the "Kilbig". A few days later (from October 22 to November 1, 1998), 42 members of our group went to South Korea as official German representative at the "World Culture Expo" in Kyongju.
Other travel highlights: in 2002, the children's group went to Spain and in 2010 they went to France.

In 2004 our association has made a one-week-trip to the south of Norway, the region telemark, and another special trip in August 2006 for ten days to Tallinn /Estonia, Helsinki/ Finnland and Saint Petersburg/Russia.

A landmark in the history of our association formed in 2008 an appearance trip of the adult`s group from the 12th to the 23rd of June in the USA to New York and to the international folk party Murfreessboro/Tennessee.

Heimat- und Trachtenbund Bräunlingen e.V.

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